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Our dishes

This Restaurant is distinguished with the Kitchen. It was created for you with the most sincere intentions, the best products and real skills of the people. It is Open so the Chefs can see who are they cooking for.
It is old-fashioned because the Waiters are serving in compliance with the principles
of the French servicing, and they know that Gastronomy is mission and art.
Adam Gessler breathed life into
this Restaurant and asked us to cook as if our guest was always the Most Important
Person... because the Kitchen is what distinguishes us

    menu valid from 13.04.2018

    Taste delicious regional cuisine!
  • Rabbit Liver 20 PLN
  • Silesian style sour rye soup16 PLN
  • Oberiba
    kohlrabi soup17 PLN
  • Silesian roulade38 PLN
  • Duck breast55 PLN

  • Tyszkiewicz Counts beets12 PLN
  • Linseed oil marinated herring19 PLN
  • Potato pancakes with salmon22 PLN
  • Beef tatar steak38 PLN
  • Gesslers appetizer39 PLN

  • Chicken broth16 PLN
  • Beetroot leaves soup16 PLN
  • Sorrel soup17 PLN

  • Young bull roast42 PLN
  • Boiled chunk of beef with a flower42 PLN
  • Beef Stroganov55 PLN
  • Fillet steak69 PLN

  • VEAL
  • Veal cutlet 45 PLN
  • Escalopes of veal a la Toklas59 PLN

  • Chicken in cream sauce43 PLN
  • Roasted duck with apples65 PLN

  • PORK
  • Pork chop with bone 35 PLN

  • FISH
  • Fish of the day59 PLN

  • Russian style dumplings24 PLN
  • Lithuanian style dumplings24 PLN
  • Meat dumplings24 PLN

  • Grilled vegetables
    with garlic sauce20 PLN
  • Boiled vegetables
    with grilled cheese25 PLN
  • Pancakes with goat cheese
    and spinach29 PLN
  • Cabbage rolls with buckwheat groats and mushrooms29 PLN
  • Potato blini with ratatouille29 PLN
  • Salad with chicken liver
    with raspberry sauce20 PLN
  • Salad with vegetables22 PLN
  • Salad with grilled chicken25 PLN
  • Goat cheese salad30 PLN

  • Desserts
  • Meringue with fruits15 PLN
  • Halvah parfait with cherries15 PLN
  • Chocolate fondant
    with strowberry sorbet17 PLN
  • Crepes Suzette20 PLN

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